Friday, March 13, 2009

Cloud Computing Wargames at FOSE 2009

Booz Allen Hamilton held Cloud Computing Wargaming sessions at FOSE 2009 (March 10 - 12th 2009). This wargame simulates the thinking process and the choices IT decision makers have to make in real world as they develop organization's capabilities to meet business or mission challenges. The goal of the exercise is to get the players thinking about the tradeoffs between different computing resources, associated costs, risks, and resulting benefits.

Cloud Computing is not a new concept, but with rapid progress of standards and maturity of technologies "on demand" computing has become a viable option for many organizations.

During the 90 minute session a table competes against six other tables. The goal of the game is to collect Mission Value Points (MVPs). A team obtains MVPs upon successful completion of tasks. To complete a task a team must build a set of capabilities required to support a task. A capability can be built in "Traditional IT", "Hybrid Cloud", or "Commercial Cloud". Over the course of the game a team builds up a portfolio of tasks it has to support. Upon completion of each turn if a given task has been successfully supported with existing capabilities, then a team gets an established number of MVPs for that task.

Players quick realize that in "Traditional IT" computing environment the invested resources cannot be rapidly re-allocated to meet challenges of new tasks. Moreover additional human resources are necessary to support "Traditional IT." Cloud Computing is not a cheap option and there is a resource barrier if a team chose to build their own cloud. Similarly with the "Commercial Cloud" a team would loose invested money and have less control of the services available through that offering.

Watch Booz Allen Principal Rod Fontecilla comment on the essence of the game. Lessons learned from a croupier's perspective in a future post.
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