Saturday, March 14, 2009

Insights from vendor panel on Cloud Computing (FOSE 2009)

The leading providers of Cloud Computing services (IBM, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon ) gathered for a panel discussion at FOSE 2009 organized by Booz Allen Hamilton.

- Standards have matured significantly over the past few years for both Software as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service.
- Significant gains have been made with respect to interoperability, but until vendors develop a usable way to collaborate adoption will be difficult.
- Trust will make or break clouds. Security is still a big issue - IPv6 will help.
- Private clouds are likely to come first before commercial clouds become widely used.
- A cloud provides substantial benefits when economy of scale is reached.
- Any organization considering cloud computing needs to develop and understand its total cost of ownership (TCO). Cost standards are not mature.
- Cloud Computing is not SOA.
- Cloud Computing maturity level models are being developed (Booz Allen).
- Demand for Cloud Computing has been established - there is a substantial market for the services.

Cloud Computing is becoming a viable option for mainstream software solutions. What does this mean for a software architect? More design options, new design patterns, and greater solution flexibility. Cloud Computing will require substantial investment in education and experimentation in order to understand its limits and applicability to your business solutions.

Constantin K.
Firebrand Architect®

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