Monday, August 03, 2009

Seeing The Big Picture

In any organization - large or small - we make assumptions about new people who join a project or an initiative. First impressions matter, and while first bad impressions can be reversed over time, it's better to start on the right foot. While this is not news to you, it's important to remember this. This is especially important for a person who aims to act like a Firebrand Architect® since such behavior and action may be perceived as negative and derailing.

This set of reminders may help you:
- Listen to understand
- Understand the other person's point of view
- Learn what others are doing and why - conduct preliminary independent research
- Understand different roles colleagues play. Then understand your role
- Ask intelligent questions - advance conversation with your questions
- Speak slowly - this will allow you to formulate your ideas more clearly
- When replying pause to allow others to respond before switching topics. If you hear (or feel) that others are trying to speak when they think you've reached the end - stop speaking.

The behavior and actions above may not be automatic for every individual, but every person is programmed with these behaviors. Execution is a matter of desire and a healthy perspective on the big picture.

Constantin K.
Firebrand Architect®
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