Saturday, November 28, 2009

Impact of organizational politics on software design

What is the impact of organizational politics on software design? This is a question I raised three years ago in this post and the time has finally come to attempt to answer that question.

We, as software solution stakeholders, make conscious and subconscious decisions that have a profound long-term effect on the usability, maintainability, cost, security, implementability, any-ility of a software solution. But how often are these decisions based on our personal and career motivations? Are we aware of this? Is it a good or a bad thing? If my career is centered around a certain vendor (e.g. Oracle and Java) should I or even can I viably consider technology from other vendors (e.g. SQL Server and .NET)? Would I have enough technical knowledge?

If you have an immediate thought on the impact of organizational politics on software design please leave a comment. And look for a formal invitation to fill out a survey in the very near future.

Constantin K.
Firebrand Architect®

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