Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Why we do agile

Agile processes give you an ability to do something faster. Often agile approaches give you an ability to deliver smaller chunks of software faster than legacy processes. But why does your team or organization feels the need to do "agile"? Why do you need faster or at a quicker iteration cycle?

Answering the "why" questions is critical. If there is not a defensible answer, substantiated by some mesurable business need, then either seek the answer or don't change a thing.

Examples of good reasons:

  • Get feedback from the product owner before releasing to the customers
  • Reduce the risk associated with monolithic deployment
In some cases releasing something early doesn't make sense. For example, the software that drops the ball on Times Square at midnight at the start of a year doesn't need to be released in increments to the customer. It may be developed using agile processes, but it doesn't need to be released to the customer in chunks.


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